Care and Compassion Shape Our Days

At Pathfinders-Care we are all totally committed to providing the very highest level of care and support, along with genuine friendship to all patients.

We Pledge...

To ensure that service users receive the highest and most appropriate care to meet their individual needs, and as a result, enjoy the best possible quality of life.
To ensure patients reside within a clean and safe environment
To respect each person as an individual and cater for their diverse needs and values, in matters of religion, race, culture, ethnic origin, gender, sexuality and level of ability
To ensure that the service is person-centred, and underpins the principles of rights, choice and inclusion. This means respecting patients individual choices, preferences and requirements.
To encourage and support each individual patient to develop and maintain a lifestyle which is appropriate within the home and the wider community and promote independence. This means encouraging service users to maintain wherever possible their family, social and cultural links within the community and to participate in individual activity programmes
To ensure the most appropriate care using a multi-disciplinary team approach liaising with other professions such as consultants, specialist nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, alternative therapists, adult education, Local Authority workers and advocacy services.
To provide support for relatives/nominated others. 
To provide high quality stable employment within a learning, training and development environment
To achieve good business governance that ensures high standards and stability of the provision and services provided
Our dedication, knowledge and care make this a comfortable home that promotes wellbeing and happiness for Patients, loved ones and staff.
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